Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Support

It remains a challenging time and many people continue to be affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19).

We understand that your circumstances may have changed. If you are one of our customers and your finances have been affected or you think that you may start to experience financial difficulty due to coronavirus there are a number of things we can do to help.


Payment break

If you have been financially affected by coronavirus and are currently on a payment break because you were not able to make your payments as they fell due we may be able to extend your payment break up to a maximum of six months as long as it doesn’t go beyond 31 July 2021 and there is no break in the deferral period.

During any payment break you won’t need to make any payments, but we would encourage you to make some payments towards your mortgage if you are able to do so. If you cannot it won’t affect your payment break request.

If you’ve already taken a six-month payment break but are still experiencing financial difficulties, or if you haven’t taken a payment break but have been financially affected by coronavirus we may still be able to help. Please contact us to discuss what options are available.

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Credit reference information

Any payment deferral will not be reported to the credit reference agencies. However, there are other factors including any existing arrears which may affect your credit file or your ability to obtain credit.


Further Assistance

If you’ve already had a six-month payment break you cannot simply extend your deferment but before your payment break comes to an end we will contact you to explain what you can do next.

If you are not able to make your payments at that point we can still help but we need to understand your individual circumstances to find the best way to do this. You should contact us before the end of the payment break to discuss your situation further.


Other financial commitments

If you’re worried about other credit commitments or debts, it makes sense to pay essential expenses and priority debts before any discretionary expenses or non-priority debts.

For general information on how to deal with your finances if you are affected by coronavirus, you can visit the FCA’s information page.

If you’re considering whether a payment break is right for you the Money Advice Service’s Navigator Tool may help. The Money Advice Service’s website contains other sources of information such as help with prioritising debts and if you think you would benefit from assistance with all of your credit commitments visit the Money Advice Service’s debt advice locator tool which will help you find sources of free and impartial debt advice.

Call us on 08000 44 84 84 to speak to us. We’re open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Or email us at