We help financial intermediaries support their clients, by providing quick solutions to solve cash flow and funding problems for any type of situation. We understand the need for a speedy turnaround if finance plans fall through, which is why we continue to offer our bridging loans and development finance to customers within a few days or even a matter of hours.

Read the following case studies to find out how we have aided the completion of numerous property projects and purchases.

Offering development finance for a broker’s client

A broker came to us on behalf of their client, who was looking for a development loan to build a bungalow. As a shopkeeper, the broker’s client wanted to sell her existing shop to concentrate on her self-build dreams. We provided a development loan, with the funds released in stages, to help her bring the property project to a completion without any unnecessary delays. Read more…

Providing funds for a property build in Kent

Our customer was looking to purchase a plot of land in Kent for a residential self-build property, which they then planned to sell upon completion. We worked closely with the customer to create a financial framework that ensured they would be able to purchase the land and make a final profit. With our funding arrangement, the customer received finances in six stages to help pay onsite builders and tradesmen, resulting in a highly profitable project. Read more…

Saving a right-to-buy purchase for a customer

An intermediary approached us for help after their customer had been let down by a conventional mortgage provider. The customer’s plans to secure a Right-to-Buy purchase would have been derailed without the necessary funding. Our bridging finance was a quick solution, helping the customer to finalise the purchase and be in a position to remortgage through a high-street lender. Read more…

Other Case Studies

A short-term solution achieved long-term gain

Directors of an engineering firm had an opportunity to buy some equipment, which was forecast to increase their company’s sales revenue ten-fold. They explored the option of asset finance and found it to be extremely expensive. In total they borrowed £84,000, secured by way of second charges on properties they owned. The company’s revenue did increase as predicted and the short-term finance arranged through us was paid off 9 months later.

Do not panic, help is out there

A property developer wanted to buy an established listed building in Manchester, but was struggling to arrange a mortgage as the lender’s valuation suggested retention for much needed structural work. The lender decided against the mortgage, not advancing any funds. The property developer’s broker contacted us in a state of panic, fortunately for him, we arranged the bridging loan for the necessary remedial work and the purchase. After all works had been completed, the broker was able to return to the original lender for a re-mortgage.

An offer you cannot refuse

We had a client who had an opportunity to buy stock at a reduced price from a receiver. The funds were required within 7 days of his offer. We were able to agree a facility secured on the customer’s factory premises. Completion took place within 5 working days.

Affirmative is the choice for development finance

Directors of a limited company had agreed to buy a large development site with planning permission to build 10 houses. We structured the deal in a way that the company could purchase and then develop the site – the development facility was provided by way of a staged funding facility. As the houses sold, the company made capital lump sum repayments, thereby reducing the capital balance and the cost of the monthly instalments. This flexible approach was the best deal for all concerned!