How Our Bridging Loans and Development Finance Work

We offer flexible short-term finance solutions to suit a variety of projects and purposes. Specialising in bridging loans and property development finance, our quick funding makes it possible for you to overcome financial obstacles in order to complete a project or finalise a transaction.

Our services help many different kinds of people and organisations – from property developers and financial intermediaries, to private individuals and families who simply want to purchase homes or build dream houses from scratch.

Whatever your goal, our flexible lending and quick underwriting and completion process will help you reach it.

The Loan Application Process

Our funding is easily accessible in just five steps:

Step 1

Call us on 08000 44 84 84, or apply for your finance online by filling out our form.

Step 2

We issue an ESIS (if applicable) and an offer letter, which outlines the full details and terms of the proposed finance.

Step 3

We process valuations and other paperwork, and send all the legal documents electronically to your solicitor, who will then explain all the terms and conditions of the loan to you.

Step 4

You sign the documentation and send it back to us.

Step 5

We check the paperwork thoroughly one last time, and complete the financial transaction.

If you are applying for a regulated mortgage contract, you will need to submit your application through an intermediary who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How Bridging and Development Loans Can Help You

We have helped many individuals and organisations complete both small- and large-scale projects. Read through our case studies section for examples of how our finance has helped in the past:

In order to get a better understanding of our finance options, read through the breakdown of our products and costs.

Contact Us for More Information

To find out more about the full process and the costs involved before you start your loan application, call our Manchester office on 08000 44 84 84, or send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.