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    Our Case Studies

    Affirmative helps to drive many different property purchases and projects towards completion.

    Our bridging and development loans are fast and flexible, so they are used by a wide variety of people and businesses across the UK. In short, we provide the funding needed to close deals and transactions and get jobs done.

    Here in our case studies section, you can read about how we help developers, investors, businesses, private homebuyers, self-builders and financial intermediaries alike.

    Other Case Studies

    A young couple were moving house. On exchange of their purchase property, they paid a £20,000 deposit.

    The sale of their home should have gone through on the same day, giving them sufficient funds to complete the transaction. Their buyers pulled out the week of completion, which meant our customers would lose the £20,000 deposit. We were approached early on the Tuesday morning to provide a fast bridging loan. Our lawyers were instructed that day, we agreed to take a first charge on the property they were buying, and a second charge over the property they were selling. We completed the transaction by 3pm on the Thursday.

    During a transaction the customer was let down by the bank at the last minute with a fast approaching completion deadline.

    The customer had a growing concern that he was going to lose not only the property, but also a substantial deposit of £150,000. We stepped in at the last minute with only three days to go before completion. We completed the deal by the required deadline, with the customer borrowing £332,000 secured by way of first charge over the property being purchased.

    We had a client who had an opportunity to buy stock at a reduced price from a receiver.

    The funds were required within 7 days of his offer. We were able to agree a facility secured on the customer’s factory premises. Completion took place within 5 working days.