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    What Are Bridging Loans Used For?

    Bridging finance was traditionally used to ‘bridge’ gaps in property chains, but today it is more widely used.

    Homebuyers, property developers, landlords, investors and self-build enthusiasts all use it to complete projects, including initial purchases.


    How Is a Bridging Loan Different from a Regular Loan?

    Whilst many high-street lenders will take months to process loan applications and to release funds, bridging lenders are far quicker and much more flexible.

    For example, you can take a bridging loan out in multiple stages so that you only pay interest on the money that has been released to you, and if you prefer not to make monthly interest payments, there is also the option to retain your interest (and not just your fees) from the loan.



    Property Purchases

    Whether you are buying a dream home or investing in a new development, bridging finance will provide you with secure finance fast.


    • Purchases – buy residential, semi-commercial or commercial properties quickly. Bridging lenders can also assist with the purchase of land with and without planning
    • Downsizing – save money and release assets by moving into a smaller, more manageable home
    • Auction purchases – when you purchase property at auction, bridging finance allows you to put deposits down quickly (from pre-approved auction bidding facilities) and to fund the rest of the purchase, in accordance with the terms of the auction contract which normally provides for completion within 10 – 20 working days
    • Quick completions – benefit from discounted prices and gain the edge over other bidders

    Building, Refurbishment and Extension Projects

    Bridging finance can also be used to fund building, refurbishment and extension projects.

    • Development of property – turn an existing commercial building into flats with the assistance of permitted development rights, or convert a large old house into a HMO (House in Multiple Occupation)
    • Self-builds – create your ideal home or even a grand design
    • Barn conversions – create a truly unique property or a luxury home for yourself
    • Refurbishments – avoid the hassle and stress of moving by refurbishing your existing home, or buy a run-down property to renovate and sell on for a profit
    • Extensions – either with planning permission or where permitted development rights are available you could create that perfect living space

    Raising Funds

    Flexible bridging loans can be more suitable than bank loans, particularly in the following scenarios:


    Financing Projects

    Investors, businesses and entrepreneurs also take advantage of bridging loans to:

    Using a Bridging Loan to Complete Your Project

    We offer loans from £10,000 to £3 million, so we are equipped to help you complete your projects and fulfil your ambitions. Whether you want to simply refurbish your home or you wish to take on an ambitious development venture, make a quick enquiry to find out what a bridging loan could do for you. To find out more, read our simple bridging finance guide.