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    Why would a bridging loan help?

    A bridging loan gives you a quick injection of money, which in turn gives you much more control over your situation. Many homebuyers get stuck in extensive property chains because of the various financial and other hold-ups that can occur – one single complication can stall the plans of everyone else in the chain.

    With us you can borrow between £10,000 and £3 million. Having these funds at your fingertips means you do not have to wait for anyone else, and in some cases you will be able to bypass property chains entirely.

    If the seller of the property you want to buy is in a rush to sell, your ability to pay for it there and then could allow you to command an attractive discount.

    With the help of bridging finance, you can buy the home or property you want, when you want it, and you can sell your old one at your leisure, with the freedom to hold out for the best possible offer.

    Make an impossible move possible

    If you need the funds to buy your dream home now, before it is too late, Affirmative can help you.

    We can quickly provide you with a bridging loan, which will give you the funds you need to secure the property you want. Read our “How it works” page for an overview of how bridging finance works, or give our Manchester office a call on 08000 44 84 84 and we will explain everything to you. Feel free to contact us by email using the contact form below if that is more convenient for you.

    Loans may be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If your loan is regulated, we can deal with your application. It must be submitted through an FCA-regulated intermediary.

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