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    Choosing Property for Your Portfolio

    Uncertainty is the prevailing mood with investors looking to find new ways to shore up their assets and safeguard their futures.

    For example, a recent report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research said that buy-to-let property remains a worthwhile investment. Millennials continue to prop up the rental market and, as long as their disinterest in owning homes continues, buy-to-let remains a popular choice.

    There is a caveat to this. The report, conducted on behalf of Shawbrook Bank, states that buy-to-let investors need to be a lot more strategic if they are to make significant profit. Their investments need to be thoroughly researched before they put pen to paper.

    This is how investors and developers can shore up their assets. Our infographic tells you how to do the same. With continued deliberation, and assessment of all the risks, investors can continue to make informed and profitable deals.