Average Prices of UK Family Homes Revealed

The current average asking price for a family home in the UK is just over £307,000, according to brand-new data from moving experts MoveHub.

The company gathered the asking prices of family homes currently for sale in the UK, and with this data they calculated the averages for 16 different cities across the UK. As the focus was ‘family’ homes, only properties with two, three or four bedrooms were included in the data, and all homes with price tags of more than £2 million were left out.

The UK’s Five Most Expensive Cities

  1. London: £1,010,292
  2. Cambridge: £448,609
  3. Brighton: £418,901
  4. Oxford: £411,337
  5. Bristol: £296,845

The UK’s Five Cheapest Cities

  1. Belfast: £139,883
  2. Glasgow: £156,596
  3. Liverpool: £160,348
  4. Manchester: £167,060
  5. Nottingham: £179,330

The Data’s Key Findings

The national averages for two-, three- and four-bedroom homes

  1. Two-bed: £255,172
  2. Three-bed: £283,706
  3. Four-bed: £426,099

London vs. Manchester

The average four-bedroom home in Greater London costs £1,285,638, compared to £286,301 in Greater Manchester – meaning London is four-and-a-half times more expensive.

The average family home within Greater London costs just over £1 million

Although this in itself might not be a particularly surprising statistic (given that extremely expensive homes in Central London will have been included), the fact that homes in the capital can command asking prices three times higher than the national average is nonetheless intriguing.

MoveHub’s infographic lays everything out clearly:

(Courtesy of MoveHub: Cost of Buying a Home in the UK for a Family of Four)

Cost of Buying a Home in the UK for a Family of Four

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