How to Spruce Up Your Property Fast

We would all like to have a good chunk of time and money to redecorate properties before we sell them, but that is simply not an option for many homeowners, buy-to-let landlords, and property developers, especially when a fast sale is desired or necessary.

Here are four ways you can make your property look fresh and presentable quickly.

Paint rooms with neutral colours

Applying a new coat of paint is a quick and straightforward way to transform a room – this is no secret. In fact, it is probably the first task that springs to mind when we think of sprucing up any sort of property.

We all know that garish colours and wacky wallpaper can put potential buyers off. Some viewers might not be able to see past your property’s current decor, so it is advisable to have neutral colours throughout. Whites, creams and blues are always fairly safe choices.

Furthermore, many buyers want a property they can move into right away, without having to immediately start the task of redecorating. As such, you will put yourself in a much better position if you can present a property that looks immediately liveable.

De-clutter the whole house

Unfortunately, it is far too easy to over-furnish a room without realising. The fuller the room, the smaller it looks – and this presents a big problem when you are selling a property, because it is safe to say that spaciousness is high on the list for most prospective buyers.

Therefore, one of your main objectives when sprucing up any property should be to showcase its space. Removing unnecessary furniture and minimising clutter is the most immediate way to do that.

Of course, you should still present rooms according to their functions: living rooms should have sofas and armchairs, bedrooms should have beds and wardrobes, and kitchens should have fixtures and appliances. But less is more.

If a buyer happens to like clutter, a lack of it in your property will probably not put them off – it will simply serve as a blank canvas for them, as with any other buyer.

Give the front exterior a facelift

The front of your house is usually the first thing a prospective buyer will see when they look at it, whether this is online or in person before a viewing. It may be a fairly superficial aspect of the property in the grand scheme of things, but ensuring that you create a strong first impression with it is vital. Not only that, but buyers want to buy properties they can be proud to call home right away.

As such, you might want to…

Replace the front door, especially if the current one is outdated, tarnished or simply unattractive.

Have new blinds installed in all the front windows, as this will give the front of the property a clean, uniform look, and will tell prospective buyers that they can enjoy their privacy from day one.

Clean the soffits, fascias and drainpipes, as they accumulate a noticeable amount of dirt and grime if left alone in the British elements for a few years.

Tidy up the front garden/pathway/driveway, because overgrown lawns, long weeds, broken bricks and spare roof tiles can make properties look terribly neglected – even if they are in fact immaculate inside. If the driveway and/or pathway has accumulated years of muck, hire a jetwasher (or borrow one) and give it a thorough blast.

(Of course, all of this is only worth doing if you are willing to give the property’s interior equal care and attention.)

Re-grout tiles in the bathroom (and the kitchen if applicable)

Fairly recent research by Rightmove found that a dirty bathroom was the biggest put-off (in a survey carried out on 4,000 people). The second-biggest was a dirty kitchen.

Many homeowners are blind to their own dirty grouting, yet quick to notice it in the homes of friends and family – or in potential new homes. This means that if you are selling your property, you cannot afford to overlook your grouting, and must take a closer look at it than ever before. If it has turned black in places or has discoloured noticeably, it needs to be redone.

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