News: Home Ownership Declines as Property Prices Rise

In light of Brexit, the British economy remains somewhat shaken, with uncertainty surrounding what will happen over the next few months, as Britain works out the plans to leave the EU. Recently published research from the Resolution Foundation found that soaring property prices over the years have had a direct impact upon home ownership levels.


In England, home ownership has taken a dramatic decline in 2016, and currently stands at its lowest level since 1986. Ownership peaked to 70.8% in April 2003, but statistics from February 2016 showed that this figure has plummeted to 63.8%.

The situation across the rest of the UK isn’t much different either – according to the Resolution Foundation, home ownership has dropped nationwide by 6.8% from a peak of 70.9% in 2004. As such, this shows that “the housing price boom” is no longer isolated to London but has reached areas in northern England and the Midlands, where homes were once considered much more affordable than in southern parts of the UK.

Greater Manchester is the region that has been affected the most, with stats highlighting that Mancunians are no more likely to own their own home than those living in the suburbs of London.
In contrast, the proportion of private renters across England has nearly doubled, up from 11% in 2003 to 19% in 2015. Coinciding with the decline of home ownership in Greater Manchester, the figures of private renters in the region has more than trebled from 6% to 20%.

Property prices are rising across the UK

How to Tackle Rising Prices

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