News: Increase of Barn Conversions in Yorkshire Dales


The Planning Committee for the Yorkshire Dales National Park has approved 15 barn-conversion project applications so far this year, in an effort to combat the area’s housing shortage and create more affordable homes for local people.

The conversion of traditional farm buildings in the Dales was previously prohibited, but in March the Yorkshire Post reported that ‘roadside’ farm buildings would soon become exempt from this.

It is estimated that there are 800 roadside farm buildings in the area, but around a sixth of them are already beyond repair. Many of these barns are more than 150 years old, so a good proportion of the surviving ones are also in danger of falling into disrepair.

Bringing Affordable Housing to the Yorkshire Dales

This lifting of restrictions has naturally piqued the interest of property developers from all over the country, but the scheme was primarily devised to bring affordable housing to local people. In an effort to discourage out-of-town investment, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) has proposed a conservation levy for developers who sell their newly converted barns to non-locals.

The proposed levy is said to be around £25,000 for a four-bedroom property, and the YDNPA has said it will reinvest all levy money into the restoration of roadside barns that are not currently suitable for conversion.

John Blackie, a Member of the Yorkshire Dales Planning Committee, commented: “This should have been allowed years ago and we would have far more children in our schools. It will be a lot better for the local economy to have people living locally, working locally and spending locally.”

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(Image courtesy of Flickr.)