Preparing Your Property for Tenants

Buy-to-let can be a very effective way of generating a profit, and it has become one of the most lucrative markets in Britain. However, if you want to be a successful landlord, you must prepare your property so that it is suitable for tenants.

Below, we have listed the main ways in which you can get your property ready for your next tenants.

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The Interior

Making sure that the inside of your property is suitable for tenants is highly important if you hope to secure long-lasting and happy tenants. A few simple steps can be taken in order to make the property ideal for your next tenant:


Firstly, simply de-clutter the rooms. It is relatively easy to make more space in a property by removing unnecessary furniture, ornaments or decor. By just moving large items of furniture around, you may find that you are able to create more room.

Fixing Functional Problems

By fixing problems such as damp patches, wall cracks, leaky taps and crooked wall tiles, you will make the property far more appealing. It also shows that you are a caring landlord, that you are willing to fix odd jobs like this, and that – if a problem occurs in the future – you are likely to handle it efficiently.


It is also a good idea to clean the property thoroughly before a viewing. By cleaning everything in the property from walls and carpets to windows, fixtures and fittings, tenants will see the property as a clean, decent place to rent. It can also eradicate unpleasant odours (such as cigarette smoke or pet smells) that may have been left behind by previous tenants.

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Refurbishing or Redecorating

Repainting or decorating some rooms that have fallen into disrepair can also vastly improve the property. Repainting in neutral colours can also make rooms seem cleaner and brighter.


It is important to choose neutral furniture. By picking colours such as beige, white and cream, you will not go against anybody’s tastes, and tenants will be able to add their own identity to the property when they move in, by adding smaller decorations and pieces of furniture.

The Exterior

Ensuring that the interior of a property is clean, tidy and ordered means that your future tenants will think of the property as a great place to live, but the exterior of the building is the first thing they will see.

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Gardening & Maintenance

The first thing to do is clean up any outside areas. By trimming grass, hedges and trees, you will have a tidy and presentable front lawn or garden.

Then you should seal up any cracks, cover blemishes and fill small holes in exterior walls, paths or driveways – which will immediately make the outside of the property look more attractive to prospective tenants.

In addition to this, it is important to keep rubbish bins out of sight. Unpleasant smells can often come from bins and they are usually unsightly. Therefore, if they are tucked away out of view, they will not be an issue.


It is also a great idea to paint over any old window or door frames to make the property look new and maintained.

Making Final Presentation Preparations

Once everything else is done, ensure that your property’s number or name is clearly visible. This means that tenants will be able to find the property easily when they arrange a viewing.

Financing Your Property

It may seem as though there are many things to consider when preparing your property for tenants, but if you follow our simple steps, you will make your property attractive and appealing for potential tenants.

If you would like to find out more about financing your next property venture, follow our guide to bridging finance and begin your project today.