Six Apps To Speed up Your Business

A quick guide

Do you run a business but find that between meetings, meetings and more meetings, you don’t have the time you’d like for sitting at your desk and actually doing your job?

If that’s you, read on. Here are six mobile apps that’ll make things easier and speed up your day-to-day business life:

1. MailChimp

Used for: Email marketing

MailChimp simplifies the process of sending marketing emails and newsletters out in bulk. It helps you manage contacts, organise subscribers, and integrates all forms of your online marketing.

It has plenty of handy features including social media integration, while the simple reporting platform explains whether or not your email marketing is working effectively.

We think it’s much easier to use than Constant Contact which, once upon a time, was a marketing manager’s best friend.

2. Trello

Used for: Managing multiple tasks

Described by its developers as the “free, flexible, and visual way to organise anything with anyone”, Trello is exactly that.

It’s a digital notice board where you can input tasks in list form for your colleagues to complete, and set handy reminders so they don’t forget. The collaborative aspect means everyone can see what jobs need to be done, saving you time repeatedly reminding colleagues that they’ve got work to be doing.

Trello is available on desktop, iPhone and iPad.

3. Evernote

Used for: Organisation

This app has been around for a while now. Evernote is fantastic for note-taking and archiving. It’s great for teams who work collaboratively, as it stores all your ideas digitally, meaning they can be accessed from anywhere. Whether that’s campaign ideas or suggestions for the next office day out.

4. LinkedIn

Used for: Recruitment and networking

More than just Facebook for business folk, LinkedIn has more than 100 million users and has become a great recruitment platform itself.

Smaller companies can quickly advertise vacancies, search for suitable candidates and easily approach them – saving time working with middlemen – namely recruitment consultants.

It’s also great for networking with likeminded business owners and is a superb platform for finding those inspirational articles for a midweek lift.

LinkedIn is available across most platforms.

5. TweetDeck

Used for: Social media management

Tweetdeck was initially developed by a third party but has since been purchased by Twitter itself. The multi-interface app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac.

It’s handy for scheduling tweets, brand monitoring, and seeing what your competitors are up to. So if you use Twitter, give TweetDeck a go.

6. Square

Used for: Credit and debit card payment

Square is fantastic for SMEs. It lets you take credit card payments anywhere using your mobile device. Payments arrive in your accounts within 1-2 working days, but best of all, the iPad interface looks like a traditional cash machine.

If your business sees you working remotely, perhaps at a road show or music festival, download Square and never worry about losing out on card sales again.

Six Apps to Speed up Your Business

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