Top property auctions for developers and investors

How to find the perfect prospective properties

Thousands of properties find owners at auction houses. These auctions attract all kinds of people from across the nation. In particular, property developers are eager to find a cave to make into a castle; that is, find a bargain property and take it to its real potential. But there’s a problem.

How does anyone find these elusive properties?

Suppose that up to present it has been a mixture of luck, skill and fortune. In fact, you can easily find these and many more kinds of properties at auction houses across the UK. Let us explain.

Where to find investment and development property

Across the UK there are hundreds of auction houses, and of these a few specialise in properties for development and investment:

  1. Allsop

  2. Mainly in London and Ireland, Allsop hosts auctions at which you can find some remarkable properties. They cover a very broad range, in price and location, and many can be a worthy investment for development.

  3. Brown & Co

  4. With a history spanning over 200 years, this East Anglia and the Midlands auction house deals with rural properties. Brown provides the prospective buyer with great detail on the structure and which parts might need repair, replacement and renovation.

  5. Edward Mellor

  6. Edward Mellor hosts one of the largest auctions, serving in particular Manchester and Cheshire. Properties suitable for investment often go up for sale with this auctioneer, which trades from Old Trafford Cricket Ground every six weeks.

  7. Sharpes

  8. This company primarily deals with low cost homes in Bradford, and this makes it a particularly strong choice for buy-to-let developments and investments. A low cost home (house) takes some of the risk of a purchase away, and a savvy investment can see a better return.

  9. Shobrook & Co

  10. A Plymouth auctioneer which auctions a range of property roughly every three or four months. These tend to include properties in need of renovation, or special interest or part-vacant investment properties —making it one to keep a watch on.

How do I keep up with auctions?

Track these and similar auction houses by browsing the online catalogues and signing up to any mailing lists. The catalogues often give a great deal of information to help you decide which auctions are worth your time.

Auction property finance

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