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    Faster Than High-Street Lenders & Challenger Banks

    By borrowing from us, you will receive your money much more quickly than you would from a bank, challenger bank, or building society: where they take weeks and months to complete the application and funding processes, we take hours and days.

    We can be as fast as you need us to be, because we understand that this sense of urgency is what you need from a lender.

    How Our Loans Help You

    A bridging or development loan gives you the power to overcome the various financial obstacles you might face. Here are some of the most common predicaments we see:

    • You are purchasing a property that does not qualify for a high-street buy- to -let mortgage – which will be the case if it is missing a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, or working electricity.
    • You are purchasing a currently uninhabitable property with the intention of converting it into a residential property (barn conversions, church conversions, etc.)
    • You are buying a property at auction and therefore need to have a deposit ready to pay immediately – we offer pre-auction bidding facilities.
    • Your offer has been accepted on a property but you have a 28-day deadline for completion, which means that your high-street mortgage will not be ready in time.
    • You own a plot of land and want to build on it as soon as you obtain planning permission.
    • You want to purchase a plot of land to build on.
    • Our finance provides the solution to each of these scenarios.

    Case Study: Property Development Finance in Practice

    The customer in question set about converting the upper floors of a city-centre office building into separate flats, using a bank loan to finance the project.

    The bank took a first charge as expected, but then refused to allow a second charge to be registered, thereby bringing the project to an abrupt halt. This is where the customer contacted us and told us about their predicament.

    We were ready to help, and quickly organised a property development loan for the customer. This enabled them to pay off the amount they owed to the bank, and it secured a further £350,000 for the rest of the project. With our help, the customer completed the conversion within nine months.

    Apply for Your Loan

    We can arrange your loan within 24 hours. Apply online now if you are ready to get started, or request a callback if you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our underwriters.

    Use our development profit calculator to forecast the potential ROI of your project.

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